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tv   [untitled]    January 19, 2012 7:01am-7:31am PST

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[gavel] >> ladies and gentlemen, we will call the roll to order. before we begin, can you please put any telephones or pagers away. if you would now please join the commission in the pledge of allegiance? i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god,
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indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. thank you very much. please direct your attention now to the roll call of commissioners. commission president tom mazzucco, vice president dr. joe marshall. en route. commissioner dejesus, commissioner kingsley, commissioner slaughter, and commissioner julius turman is excuse this evening. mr. president, you have a quorum. president mazzucco: thank you, lt. reilly. he is here to help train, so it is not a flashback.
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with us tonight is the director of the occ, ms. joyce hicks, and chief of police, chief suhr. please call line item number one. secretary reilly: the public is welcome to address the commission regarding items that do not appear on tonight's agenda. president mazzucco: if you do have a case pending, be careful because it can be used against you if you have a case. >> obviously, news travels fast at city hall. we all call in city hall. as a matter of fact, let me make my first announcement that i will be producing a reality show here at city hall that will star real soon. current stuff will be showing, but since you have been aware,
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and i am sure the chief is aware, and if it is not, you will tell him, i, the only black media and here in this city, do my regular routine, interviewing the mayor, as i have been doing for years, and number of mayors, but yesterday, i was assaulted. i was -- they violate my rights, my constitutional rights as a man, a black man, but on top of that, as a media person. my rights were violated. anything i say is recorded most of the time, and i see that since i am the only black media person, i have got to wear a camera with me all of the time because i face adversity from the police department, from the sheriff's department, and others who call themselves authority here at city hall.
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my question to the date of the cheap as that i would like an investigation. they took away my rights. -- my question today of the chief is that i would like an investigation. gestapo. throw him against the wall. "are cheap want us to do this, hold you back, restrain you -- our chief wants us." two officers did that again. i have got it all on video. i am sick and tired of being sick and tired of is police department treating us african- americans like they do, now i have authority. i'm going to ask the chief and the new one in town sit down and
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talk to us about a relationship in line with the african- american back. gee, i know we will sit down and talk about this later, and perhaps others will join us, but that has to happen immediately to determine the relationships between the african americans and the department. when it happens to me, i take it personal, so i want you all to know that aids is on the case, and i will be here until you take me away -- ace is on the case. president mazzucco: thank you, ace. anymore public comment? seeing none, please call line item number two. secretary reilly: i am 2 a, --
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item 2a, the cief's report. b, the occ director's report, c, the commission reports, and d, announcements. a is the chief's report. chief surh: we were already at four homicides this time last year, so i think the people are where they should be. updating cases than have been in the news, they would be a prowler that got off at telegraph hill, we did canvas
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that building, other than we do have a breaking in. we do not necessarily have a taking of anything away, so i think all things considered, nobody was hurt, including the suspects, officers, and firefighters, so although we would at some point in time love to speak with the gentleman to find out what that is all about, that matter is closed. there was a very significant case made last friday, where the serial rapist that had been working the 24th street corridor, it was identified as a series on december 8. over the next 30 days, the community, the violence response team, the new special victims unit coordinating, the officers of mission station, help of the fbi on profiling, a -- all
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regular meetings, five in all, netted a suspect that was then positively identified via dna and has since confessed to all five assaults, so a judge -- just a fabulous case of community policing where everyone came together been response and got a real dangerous person off of the street. on monday and tuesday, which participated in a symposium with another chief, a former chief. there were probably upwards of 100 law enforcement executives there. spoke on all sorts of different issues. one of which caught the media's attention, when it was mentioned that the social media that the officers were texting during the occupy a protest, demille accessing some of the social
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media pages, they may have tipped some as to when there would have been movements. it was not as involved or sexy as all of that. the officers were texting when their officers were changed. the pretexting family and friends, "i have my schedule change. something may be happening." but this is something we ended up doing throughout all thank just to keep the officers flexible because we did not know when something might happen. commissioner kingsley had i asked about training. -- had asked about training. we issued a policy. i can get one to you, but this is for public consumption.
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this institutionalizes those to be in the unit, supervisory responsibilities, and on and on and on, so, again, just in a further effort to continue to institutionalize all of this changes -- all of the changes we have made, holding them to even higher standard memory to the uniformed officers, obviously because the uniform of -- uniformed officers being in uniform are in plain sight. there is the lunar new year and the dates of chinatown. i believe in is a 12:30 korea anybody from the commission would be welcomed. i believe the year of the dragon, the most powerful figure in the chinese zodiac, so it is going to be a good new year. it would be good if we could impose upon the dragon something on saturday afternoon when we take on the new orleans saints. [laughter]
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the plans are up-to-date. we are working closely with the sheriff's department, the 49ers' security, and there is some on security we have outside the stadium, inside the stadium, pre-game and post-game plans. we went over those plans this morning with the 49 years. we think it is a good plan, and hopefully everyone will go out there and have a time and have a victory and watch what we have next week. that concludes my report. captain goldberg is here to give a presentation about the commission with regard to an overview of the budget. president mazzucco: just before we move onto captain goldberg, with the social media, obviously it is a new generation, and they are using twitter. they are using facebook. we had a conversation about this taking place in new york city, where police officers were
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expressing their opinions on facebook and twitter, and you advise me that the police department is getting together something for the commission to see regarding regulating that, and i even suggested that the union should be involved because they have first amendment rights, but giving up information that could cause safety concerns -- we want the commission to know that this is a work in progress and something that is changing with the times. >> yes, we have put out a department bulletin, and we are working on a drafted general order that we would present for you to adopt going forward on social media. >> i am glad to see you have this work. for those of you who do not knows, these are assigned to the station.
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the chief has made great efforts to make sure that the level of professionalism is increased, that there is more oversight, and that we can avoid some of the situations we are starting to see. this did not happen on your watch, but this will help it from becoming a bigger issue. captain goldberg? captain: i am filling in as the cfo for a period of time. another has moved on to the department of supervisors, and before i start the presentation, let me just think her for her work with the department the last couple of years. helping me and trying to organize the officer we can move on during this very critical time. one of the great things she did
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was to hire a new budget manager, carolene is here. she comes to us from san mateo county. she worked with the sheriff's office there on finance and then moved on to a county administrative office. she has been tremendously helpful to me in providing this and getting this done, and her to a value, will certainly blossom in the next several months as we move forward through this very challenging budget time. we only got our target numbers today. and look back on where we are today and the current year's budget and then moving forward to some of the challenges that we are going to face in the coming fiscal year, so the budget, this presentation is more or less just a bit the cobwebs off. it is an offense -- an offer.
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as looking at the commission's input this is eaten up by salary. about 88%. so there is not a lot of other money that goes around. maine and service agreements, software licenses. and then the professional services.
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to even go after this, it would include uniforms and vests, crime lab supplies, pens, papers, tore the paper, whenever we would need. about 7%. human-resources for workers' comp payments. technology for the i.t., for the infrastructure. the vehicle maintenance costs are going up. transitioning to newer vehicles, the first year, the repairs are less, less often, less frequent, and not as major. the other big work order is the
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public works. building maintenance and repairs. the building engineers and things like that. the other, which is a fraction, this would include our lease financing. it is important to start during the coming fiscal year, we have our first meeting with the mayor's office on monday just to do our initial stance. five challenges, five big challenges that we need to address. staffing is obviously the big one. i know that dpw made a presentation. we will need to start budgeting for that. we will take these each individually. july 2009, and this is a full
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duty thing. light duty, modified duty, on leave, so this is the full staffing number required. we are currently at 1771. we lose through attrition approximately one letter officers the year from those who retire, resign, couple of steps, things like that. -- resign, a couple of deaths, things like that. we back out the officers that are assigned to the airport, and then we back out those that are on some kind of permit or a
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temporary modified duty or leave, because those are not full duty police saucers that are out there working in providing patrols. commissioner: so you can put that back up. that is fewer than the charter mandate, but it is several hundred fewer -- if you can, lt. reilly, several hundred fewer than we actually have. >> i have that, if you would like. commissioner: it remains my opinion and i think the opinion of many on the commission that staffing is the most severe and permanent and challenge. in my view, a number one public safety concern of the city, and what i need to understand is is the 1771 number the one that we
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should be looking at? i understand from a charter standpoint, a kick, we need more, but we are closer to 2300? 22 countries? something like that? >> except for the 19 -- 1771 number was when we did not have the industry standard of the 10 hour day, so as soon as we went to the 10 hour day, we reduced staffing. there was no tenderloin station. that is 100 officers. we did not have treasure island. that is 20 officers. on and on and on. commissioner: we use the 1971 as the frame of reference that we have always been able to get by. i have always appreciated that 1971 it is that it came during a
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time that is very different than where we were today, but there was no bright idea or comprehend the survey. that was the number became too. what i am concerned about sitting here in 2012 is what is the right number. i have a serious concern that we are light, and i do not know how light. i am not sure if this chart sheds any light for me on where we really are staffing wise and where we need to be. captain, i apologize for interrupting your report because it is good, and maybe this is not the forum, and we can talk about it later, but the staffing issues, and i understand the budget constraints, and the mayor's office wants us to be cutting what we really should be adding classes, but i do not feel that i am comfortable with where we are staffing why is and
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where we need to be. i know what the 1007 letters 71 is and what the 1971 is. >> commissioner, the 01 thousand 771 is the field. there was what was commissioned by the commission, the first study, and the first study had some numbers in it. i apologize. i do not have that in front of me, but my recollection, i know it was more than 1771. i believe it was more than be 1971, i believe what they thought the department should have for operation. i can get that to you. commissioner: thank you. president mazzucco: commissioner kingsley?
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commissioner kingsley: the figure from 2009, per the charter, what does it provide proof is in a certain number of officers per residence, or is it a set number? >> as the chief mention, back under mayor feinstein, 1971, and it was designated 1971, and that was the requirement that they be full duty, that people on modified duty, permanent or temporary, are backed out. commissioner kingsley: said that is based on the population and everything 40 years ago proved captain -- 40 years ago? captain: that was before my time. vice president marshall: really,
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nobody knows what that came about. it has just been the number that has been operating for is such a long time. the first city is about the recommendation. -- the first study is about the recommendation. president mazzucco: with what dr. marshall said, there is some 40 lower -- there is some folklore that it came about on the back of a napkin at joe's. police departments, i think it was detroit and one of the department, baltimore, and we were significantly understaffed in comparison, and we are 500 officers or six and officers under. this was according to a study. it is a good number, but it probably should be higher.
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captain? captain: since many of you are attorneys, i equate it to billable hours. in the same sense, i want to touch upon staff or over time, because staff is also, we have couched in so long in an evil context, but it is really just hours of duty. what you are paying for is for some person to be somewhere. just to give the commission some context, the fiscal year 2008 to 2009, the current fiscal year was -- even with salary
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increases, they have reduced the overtime by two-thirds, and that is a tremendous testament to the command staff for being able to manage people and reduce it, and over time is very important. it is also a tool that is essential that the department have in its tool bag to be used. we have so many special events coming up, and there are a variety of special events that we cannot plan for. the occupied -- occupy -- i believe no an anticipated -- no one anticipated. we're going to have the america's cup coming up, which will have some expenses. the presidential election, we don't know who is coming. to close down streets and blocks of hotel rooms, and they get irritated when you say 5:00,
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they have to go home, so they do not understand that. we really need to look at this number. we need to control it. we also need to control it for our citizens, because we continue to redeployed people downtown on duty, it becomes an issue with the ability to provide services to the neighborhoods, and somebody lives in the city, that is important. i want to make sure there is a cop. so, ok. this is aside from the presentation that dpw gave you. they broke ground. in october. there are some test pylons in. the building codes to be substantially finished in 2014, occupied in june, 2014.
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it sounds far off, but it is really not that far off. a fiscal impact. one of them is trying to digitize the records. there are records and pieces of paper at the hall of justice that probably existed when it was opened in the 1960's, and just as anyone who moves realizes you have accumulated a lot of junk, we have, especially in regard to paper. staff services has files from the 1800's. there are police reports. there are documents. rather than hire 50 some trucks to move paper to a building that is not designed to have that, we >> so that we can digitize and retrieve the files that we need to retrieve 04 police department purchases -- purposes and larger
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city families. that will increase as we move forward. both for the fiscal impact and the realities of our needs, we need the budget for the new building. that is what we're working on. in the big thing is our fleet of vehicles. this car, officers were driving recently to a call for service. somebody decided they wanted to go through a stop sign. this was the results. the damage of the car is about $20,000. we currently have 293 black and whites. on the 10-


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